How to open an Account

Opening an account with us is quick, easy, and hassle-free. You will require the following:

Saving accounts

  • Three clear, passport sized photos for identification purposes.
  • An initial minimum deposit of Gh¢5 to open your account.

Current or Checking accounts

  • Three clear, passport sized photo.
  • An official identification document such as a passport, driver’s license or a Ghanaian voter’s identification card.
  • One reference letter from your employer, your current bank or another current account customer at NVRB,
  • A reference letter from a professional who knows you well, such as your doctor, pastor, chief or lawyer.
  • An initial minimum deposit of Gh¢10 to open your account.

Accounts for Limited Liability Companies

  • A formal letter from your company’s directors, declaring your intention to open an account with NVRB
  • A formal letter of introduction from your company’s external auditors
  • Certificate of Registration and Certificate to Commence Business or any other proof of your registered business status
  • Company Regulations
  • Three Clear, passport sized photos of each of the accounts authorised signatories.