About Us

We are a small, close knit organisation at the heart of the local communities we serve. As a rapidly expanding rural bank, we enjoy a strong reputation for excellent customer service in the Northern part of the Volta region and we can only preserve this by sticking to our core value – reliability in every aspect of personal and business service delivery.

Our Vision

  • To provide reliable, efficient financial services with a personal touch by listening and responding to our customer’s needs
  • To provide individually tailored and flexible financial solutions
  • To provide transparent, jargon free advice to all customers
  • To provide a community focused service while forging national partnerships to strengthen our services
  • To provide products and services that meet the needs of our rural clientele and thereby assist the promotion of rural development

Our Mission

  • To maintain our excellent reputation for reliable, friendly, and efficient customer service
  • To grow and develop as an ethical, responsible organisation
  • To continue to offer sustainable, long-term shareholder value
  • To promote rural development